September 2018
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Contact US at IRC ( #Samurai-Fansubs )

  • Translator
    We always need more translators and there is no experience requirement for this position as long as you can translate Japanese into English.
  • Translation Checker
    Experience is essential for this position as you have to catch any errors the translator may have made. Thus, having a solid and extensive knowledge in both English and Japanese is paramount.
  • Typesetter
    Possess good technical knowledge and artistic flair. Good sense of color and style to match the mood of the show. Good technical knowledge to be able to accurately place translated signs. Also if you know how to work using mocha i will be even better.


  • Quality Checker
    Possess a good eye for spotting mistakes. This encompasses subtitle, typesetting, and encoding errors. Must be able to provide detailed and constructive criticism. Strong English skills are a major bonus, but not a requirement. A fast internet connection is preferable.
  • Encoder
    The position we will consider least for those with no experience. You must know how to encode and transcode a wide range of formats. Also be able work with DVD and .TS formats and transcode them cleanly. A powerful computer and a fast internet connection is needed. It will be good if you know how to encode 10bit and VFR. :)
  • Distro
    Possess a monstrous internet connection and capable of distributing anime episodes at crazy speeds via Torrent or IRC ( XDCC )

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We need some Translator , TLC, Editor, Timer, Distro and Encoder. if you're interested, please join with us at and Contact ANIKIN.